Hello Dolly

This marks the start of regular updates on the activities in York College’s media labs. We’re excited about the future of the program with a few exciting proposals on the horizon, including a new ‘content creator’ workstation model for in-studio switching and production. Additionally, we hope for a transformative update to the studio into a virtual production space, which will include an LED wall and camera position and settings tracking to control the wall image. It would be ‘suppaaa’ mini version of this:

Arnold Schwarzenegger on a virtual production set.

Currently, we’ve already implemented some changes to the studio, including a fresh paint job. And, we’ve initiated new workshops led by our full-time facilities manager, adjunct professor, and exceptional cinematographer, Fawwaz Allie.

Fawwaz on set

And he was joined by colleague Paul Ward, who teaches our cinematography and studio production classes as well as supports Fawwaz in the labs.

Paul Ward on the right helping a student during the dolly workshop